Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for brain care

Our mission as a company is to facilitate the necessary brain care support – in the development of hyperbaric chamber technology that can improve the quality of life and help people integrate this technology into their lives to get back on track.

Healing with HBOT after traumatic brain injury

We read stories about people’s problems on a daily basis, people with their lives turned upside down by some misfortunate head accident and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Reading about someone else’s head injury, concussion or PTSD might not hurt that much, we cannot even imagine the pain they’re going through or the difficulties regarding their recovery. We can only show them our understanding and support.

The number one reason we’re working in this industry is that we’ve seen what HBOT chambers can do to improve the lives of numerous people with serious head concussions and traumatic brain injuries, people with cognitive decline due to psychological conditions or due to old age.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain care

Making HBOT technology accessible to optimize brain performance

We know the brain is a complex and dynamic organ with the inherent ability to improve its performance while growing older or to regain its healthy functioning after head trauma.

Hyperbaric medicine has gained ground as a complementary treatment to bring relief to people affected by various forms of head trauma or cognitive decline, people which need to sustain accessible and long-term HBOT brain care sessions in the comfort of their homes.

Mind your head. Your brain will thank you.

An impact on the head can disrupt normal brain functioning. The classification of traumatic brain injury ranges from mild, moderate to severe, depending on whether the injury has caused unconsciousness, how long unconsciousness has lasted, and the degrees of severity regarding the symptoms.

Most traumatic brain injuries are classified as mild because they may not life-threatening, however, even a mild traumatic brain injury can bring painful and long-lasting effects.

Feeling “normal” again is a process.

Following a head concussion or a traumatic brain injury, physical wounds may heal faster, yet the brain damage heals gradually, sometimes painfully slow.

People may suffer from lingering feelings of anxiety and depression, brain fog, confusion, symptoms that can really impair normal cognitive, emotional, and physical functioning.

Brain injury can also cause bleeding within or around the brain leading to cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and allow the passage of toxic substances through the blood-brain barrier.

There are certain limitations to conventional brain care treatment, depending on the severity of a TBI.

Mild TBI may only require emergency care, extensive rest, and medication, yet a severe brain injury will require complex medical interventions and after-care (physical and cognitive therapy, speech therapy, psychological counseling).

Without HBOT

The not-so-great news is that symptom management and rehabilitative services may have a relative impact on the healing process and offer no certain predictions on the long-term outcome of a brain injury.


The good news is that hyperbaric oxygen treatments can be used part of a comprehensive medical strategy to sustain natural and efficient brain healing.

HBOT is a foundational treatment to stimulate the brain to repair itself

HBOT’s primary mechanism is to hyper-oxygenate tissues and the pressure (1.3 or 1.5 ATM) will increase the dissolved oxygen into the plasma. This triggers multiple healing processes without overwhelming the body’s anti-oxidant system.

The working mechanism of oxygen under pressure can help improve cerebral blood flow through micro-vessels and target injured areas in order to decrease inflammation.

This powerful non-invasive anti-inflammatory effect is one of the major advantages of HBOT, which in turn, clears the way for natural healing.

HBOT is documented to:

  • Increase oxygen saturation to the brain
  • Reduce cerebral edema and neuroinflammation
  • Grow new blood vessels (Angiogenesis)
  • Increase stem cell production (of brain cells)
  • Repair gray matter (which contains nerve cell bodies)
  • Repair white matter (which are the filaments that connect cell bodies and carry messages between nerve cells)
  • Reach all oxygen-deficient areas of the brain to reactivate neurons
  • Stimulate the immune system
OxyNova Hyperbaric

OxyNova mHBOT chambers facilitate recovery in wellness and holistic care centers.

Oxygen supplementation with Mild HBOT can work with effective results as part of a system of therapies. Given its low number of contraindications, risks, and side effects, it may be one of the safest therapies to use, within the correct protocols.

We build HBOT technology to improve the quality of life

  • Achieve better blood circulation
  • Eliminate toxins efficiently
  • Encourage neuroplasticity (regeneration of brain cells)
  • Increase various functions of metabolism
  • Improve motor skills in children, muscle tone, motricity, spasticity
  • Increase fine motor skills
  • Reduce muscle cramps
  • Increase strength
  • Increase control of the body and mind
  • Decrease edema effects by vasoconstriction
  • Decrease leucocyte chemotaxis and adhesion
  • Attenuate ischemic-reperfusion damage
  • Suppress the formation of inflammatory mediators
  • Inhibit the autoimmune syndrome and the immune reaction in antigens
  • Improve chronic skin damage healing by inducing angiogenesis
  • Stimulate O2 dependent collagen matrix formation, which is an essential phase in wound healing

What is mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy recommended for?

Mild HBOT is one of the safest and effective therapeutic procedures available today.

Sports performance and recovery

HBOT is essential for sports recovery, prevents muscle fatigue, and decreases the buildup of lactic acid.


HBOT can bring positive results to healthy users, part of a fitness routine, for prevention and to maintain the quality of life.


HBOT can increase collagen production for skin rejuvenation, reduce signs of aging, boost the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress.

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